Friday, October 24, 2014

First Blog Ever, my film opens tonight at the Laemmle Theatre NoHo7

This is my first blog so bear with me.
 I'm told that I must get into Social Media and blogging, ya know, blah, blah modern computer crap like that.  But how does an antisocial man like me become... social? (thinking)..................................... I guess this is as good a way as any to be "social", I'm sitting alone in my office, cup-a-tea, no one to have to actually be "social" with, don't have to speak to anyone... hmmmmm this could work.

So I've got a film that I wrote, produced and directed opening tonight at the Laemmle Theatre North Hollywood, which is kinda cool when ya stop to think about it... it certainly isn't a common occurrence, at least not for me. After years of hard work you'd think that this would be... bigger... more important somehow, or be some sort of "milestone in life" maybe?   (I'm thinking now.) ................. (Hold your horses I'm still thinking!) ....................................... Nope, I got nothin'. 

I'll say this about the creative experience, at the very least I try to write about subjects that others stay away from but I find intriguing, maybe even a little taboo, love that word. 'Scream at the Devil'... that's the movie opening tonight, is about good and evil, right and wrong, God and the Devil ? No sorry, Im not religious and yeah I know the title is pretty on the nose, for lack of a more insulting phrase... I chose it because both the words, 'Scream' and 'Devil' get huge hits on search engines, thats it nothing ground breaking, kinda mercenary but fuck it. 

Crap did I mention that I curse too much?                     Well I do, so ef off if you don't like it.

Still here ? 
Cool ! 

Scream at the Devil is a psychological thriller about a schizophrenic woman who's really fucked up by her husbands infidelity and the fact that she passed on having a child for so long that now it's too late; the undercarriage is all dried out, dusty in fact. So she, Miram Jones, who already suffers from schizophrenia, gets it in her head to make a deal with the 'Devil' for a baby of her own. The trouble is that once she's jumped ship and starts to make deals with the Devil she falls apart and comes undone, I can also be redundant. Bottom line, she gets really fucking paranoid and starts to think that everyone around her is somehow in league with... the king of darkness, a man of wealth and grace... so sorry I forget that you've already been introduced decades ago... The Fucking DEVIL! 

In the end it all comes down to one question, is Miriam insane or is the Devil really pissed off and wanting his pound of... soul? 

Does the Devil really exist? 

Does God really exist? 

Of coarse the answer will vary wildly depending on the mental ineptitude of the person answering.
To me the Devil and/or God is in us all, we make the choice to be mother fuckers or we decide to be kind, caring, happy people. 
Do we choose good or evil, God or the Devil, or does it/he/she/them choose us? 

Go see the efing film and decide for yourself... and fuck you, I'm not here to answer the question for you! I just pose questions, find answers with other writers... and if you argue after Scream at the Devil then I've done my job.

 Its at the Laemmle Theatre in North Hollywood through HALLOWEEN.